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How Do I Make My Traeger Smoke?

You’re at the perfect spot if you can’t wait to add that deep, smokey taste to your food—it makes your mouth wet just thinking about it.

This blog article is jam-packed with useful advice and insightful tips to help you improve your grilling skills, regardless of your level of experience as a pitmaster or smoker.

So, how do i make my traeger smoke?

Here are some tips for making your Traeger grill smoke:

  • Temperature: Set your grill to between 160º and 225º F to produce the most smoke. Cooking at a higher temperature produces less smoke.
  • P-setting: Traeger recommends staying within the P-0 to P-4 range. Running consistently below 150-160°F may cause your fire to go out in the firepot.

  • Smoke setting: Run your grill on its smoke setting for the first hour. You can also use Super Smoke by setting the grill to a temperature between 165°F and 225°F.
  • Pellets: Use high-quality hardwood pellets. Some recommend hickory, mesquite, or pecan grill pellets, while others recommend charcoal hickory. Hardwood pellets will produce more smoke than pellets from fruit trees.
  • Meat: Use cold meat. You can also try spritzing or mopping the meat often.
  • Cooking time: Cook for a few hours. Some recommend smoking for at least one hour, while others recommend cooking for 45 minutes.

Grab your apron, and let’s turn up the smoke on your Traeger grill.

Get ready to impress your friends and family with mouthwatering dishes that boast the perfect kiss of smoke.

Tip 1: Lower and slower

Cooking on a lower and slower temperature with a Traeger grill brings a bounty of benefits that can transform your BBQ experience.

By embracing a gentler approach, you unlock the door to dishes that are not only succulent but also packed with layers of developed flavour. Below, find a detailed exploration of these advantages:

Aspect Benefit Impact
Even Cooking Uniform heat distribution Eliminates raw or overdone sections
Moisture Retention Keeps food juicy Tender, flavourful bites
Enhanced Flavour Flavours develop over time Deeper, more complex taste profiles
Time Efficiency Less hands-on time Free up time for other activities

Tip 2: Change your wood pellets

How Do I Make My Traeger Smoke-2

Choosing the right wood pellets for your Traeger grill can elevate your BBQ to new heights, infusing your food with delightful, smoky flavours. Here’s a lowdown on the best types to create that perfect smoke:

Brand Notable Flavours Best For
Bear Mountain BBQ Cherry, Apple Fruity Smoke Lovers
Camp Chef Competition All-Natural Blend Competition Cookers
Traeger Signature Hickory, Cherry, Maple Unique Taste Seekers
Green Mountain Grills Gold Red Oak, Hickory, Maple Budget-Friendly Users
Pit Boss Hickory, Maple, Charcoal Blend Versatile Flavour Experimenters

Top Tips for Pellet Picking:

  • Always opt for pellets free from additives for a safer eat.
  • Lean towards hardwood pellets; softwoods can leave a bitter aftertaste.
  • Store in an airtight container to preserve freshness and prevent moisture.
  • Match pellet flavour to your food; cherry for pork, hickory for beef.

Remember, the right pellets can turn a good BBQ into an extraordinary feast.

Trip 3: Get a smoker tube

A smoker tube is a nifty, tube-shaped device, crafted from durable, perforated stainless steel. It’s designed to hold wood pellets and generate smoke, transforming your regular barbecuing into a smoky delight. Think of it as a magic wand that showers your food with the rich, aromatic embrace of wood smoke.

  • Simplicity and Efficiency: Just fill it with high-quality pellets, light it up, and let it smoke. You can expect up to 4-5 hours of steady, clean smoke, perfect for both short and extended smoking sessions.
  • Versatility: Whether you’re cold smoking cheese on a chilly morning or infusing a brisket with that rich, smoky flavor, the smoker tube has got you covered. It’s particularly splendid for cold smoking, keeping temperatures low and smoke consistent.
  • Flavor Boost: It bridges the gap between different grill types, adding that authentic smoky flavor that might be missing in some pellet grills or when using gas grills.


Gaining skill in smoking food on your Traeger barbecue will take you on a flavorful culinary journey, turning regular meals into smokey masterpieces. The first steps in this trip are to comprehend the science behind the generation of smoke, identify the ideal temperature range, and choose the ideal wood pellets to go with your culinary creations.

Adopting the “lower and slower” approach not only guarantees uniform cooking and preservation of moisture but also improves the taste intensity of your food, showcasing the inherent complexity of your components.

Choosing the right wood pellets can further improve your BBQ game and have a significant impact on the finished product’s flavor. Every kind of pellet delivers a different taste experience, ranging from the strength of hickory and maple to the fruity overtones of cherry and apple. Furthermore, adding a smoker tube to your toolkit may provide a surprising level of smokiness to recipes you wouldn’t normally think to use one.

The finishing touches in your pursuit of the ideal smoke include keeping your grill in top shape and trying out cutting-edge methods. Remember that the art of BBQ smoking is about more than just the food as you set out on this culinary trip. It’s also about creating memories and sharing tales over the smoky cloud of a Traeger grill.