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How Do I Get My Traeger To Smoke More?

Are you craving that authentic, smoky flavor in your barbecue but feel like your Traeger isn’t living up to its full potential?

In this blog post, we’re going to dive deep into the world of Traeger grilling and unlock the secrets to achieving that perfect smoky aroma and taste.

We’ll cover everything from the basics of how your Traeger works to advanced techniques that will have you smoking like a pro. Here are some key tips we’ll explore:

How Do I Get My Traeger To Smoke More-2

  • Optimizing Pellet Choices: Discover how different wood pellets can influence the intensity and flavor of your smoke.
  • Temperature Tweaks: Learn how adjusting temperatures can help you achieve the ideal balance between cooking and smoking.
  • Maintenance Matters: Uncover the importance of regular cleaning and maintenance for consistent smoke production.
  • Accessorize for Success: Find out how accessories like smoke tubes can enhance your Traeger’s smoking capabilities.

Get ready to transform your grilling game and impress your guests with mouthwatering, smoky delights.

Why Is My Traeger Not Smoking? [Problems and Fixes]

When a Traeger grill loses its puff, the barbecue can turn as bland as boiled potatoes. Let’s get straight to the meat of the issue and carve out solutions to get that smoky zest back in your feast.

Clogged Firepot Trouble

Issue Ash and debris jamming the firepot, choking off the flames.
Symptom Grill’s as silent as a sleeping cat, with nary a whisper of smoke.
Fix Give the grill a rest, then dive in with a brush or scraper to evict the clutter. A vacuum might come in handy for the stubborn bits.

Hopper Desertion

Issue Empty hopper – no pellets, no party.
Symptom It’s all quiet on the smoking front, even with the grill humming along.
Fix Keep that hopper hearty with a steady supply of pellets. Like keeping a ship stocked for a long voyage.

Soggy Pellet Dilemma

Issue Wet or dodgy quality pellets dampening the flames.
Symptom Smoke’s scarce as hen’s teeth, even with the hopper brimful.
Fix Stow your pellets like treasure, dry and safe. Shun the old and the cheap – they’re no friends to the flame.

Temperamental Temperature Sensor

Issue A skew-whiff temperature sensor throwing a spanner in the works.
Symptom The grill’s all hot and bothered, and the smoke’s gone AWOL.
Fix Give the sensor a once-over for any battle scars or loose wires. Might be time for a new recruit if it’s looking worse for wear.

In the smoke dance of barbecue, your Traeger is your partner. Treat it well, and it’ll do right by your ribs, brisket, and veggies, infusing them with that sought-after smoky goodness. Remember, every great pitmaster knows their grill like the back of their hand.

How Do I Get More Smoke From My Traeger?

To coax more smoke from your Traeger and imbue your BBQ with that sought-after, rich smoky flavor, here’s a rundown of effective tactics:

  • Lower and Slower: Drop the heat to ramp up the smoke. Cooking at temperatures between 165°F (74°C) and 225°F (107°C) maximizes smoke production. Longer cook times at these temps allow the smoke to deeply penetrate the meat.
  • Water Pan Wonders: Introduce a water pan inside your grill. This simple act keeps your meat moist during extended smoking sessions and adds thermal mass to stabilize the grill temperature, indirectly enhancing smoke adhesion.
  • Pellet Prowess: Not all pellets are created equal. Venture beyond the standard offerings, testing a mix of hardwood pellets for nuanced flavors. Oak, hickory, mesquite, apple, or cherry – each brings a distinct profile to the feast.
  • Smoker Tube Strategy: A smoker tube is a game-changer, especially for those seeking an extra smoky punch. It lets you burn additional pellets at a controlled rate, boosting the smoke level without fiddling with the grill’s mechanics.
  • Auger Adjustments: Some advanced users tweak their Traeger’s auger settings to alter pellet feed rates, creating more smoke. This method requires caution; warranty concerns and the risk of damaging your grill are real considerations.
  • Clean for Consistency: Keep your Traeger well-maintained. A clean grill ensures optimal airflow and temperature control, which in turn can affect smoke production and flavor infusion.
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These strategies, ranging from the straightforward to the more nuanced, allow BBQ aficionados to fine-tune their Traeger’s smoke output.

How Much Smoke Should Come out Of a Traeger?

To control the amount of smoke produced by your Traeger grill, follow these steps:

  • Adjust the Smoke Setting: Use the arrow buttons on your grill’s controller to increase or decrease the smoke level. Higher settings produce more smoke.
  • Save Your Changes: After adjusting the smoke setting, press the “Select” button to save your changes.
  • Lower the Temperature: Cooking at lower temperatures can produce more smoke, as the pellets smolder rather than burn quickly.
  • Change the Fuel: Different pellet flavors can produce varying amounts of smoke. Experiment with different types to find the one that gives you the desired smoke level.
  • Use a Smoker Tube: A smoker tube can add extra smoke to your cooking process, enhancing the smoky flavor of your food.
  • Activate Super Smoke Mode: If your Traeger model has this feature, press the Super Smoke button on the controller. This mode adjusts the pellet feeding rate, resulting in more smoke production. The increased smoke can last up to four hours, depending on the temperature setting.


Using our comprehensive guide to increasing smoke production, you may completely change your Traeger experience and enjoy the deep, smokey tastes you’ve been craving. Knowing the subtleties of your Traeger may make all the difference, whether you’re a BBQ enthusiast trying to up your grilling game or a seasoned pitmaster.

Our tips will help you grill to new heights, from choosing the ideal pellets to infuse your meats with complex tastes to perfecting temperature changes for the ideal smoke balance.

To guarantee that your BBQ is nothing short of amazing, regular maintenance and cutting-edge additions like smoke tubes may greatly increase smoke levels.

Maintaining a steady smoke flow requires resolving typical problems like blocked firepots or utilizing damp pellets. Furthermore, experimenting with different pellet kinds, using a water pan for moisture, and adopting a lower and slower cooking style give up a world of taste options. Auriger adjustments provide a customized smoking experience for those who want to go deeper; nevertheless, use care to preserve the integrity of your grill.

Accept these tips to become an expert smoker with your Traeger. By doing this, you may enjoy the process of learning about and honing the skill of smoking as well as ensure the success of your barbeque ventures.