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Which Models Of Traeger Have Super Smoke?

Are you tired of constantly striving for that perfect smoky flavor in your grilled dishes, only to end up with inconsistent results? Well, fret no more because Traeger has the answer with their revolutionary super smoke feature. This cutting-edge technology guarantees a more intense and consistent smoke production, ensuring that every bite of your food is bursting with mouth-watering flavor. But which models of Traeger grills offer this game-changing feature? Let’s delve deeper into the world of Traeger and find out:

  • The Pro Series 575 and 780: These top-of-the-line grills are equipped with Traeger’s innovative WiFIRE technology, allowing you to effortlessly control the super smoke feature from your phone.
  • The Ironwood Series: Boasting a larger cooking capacity and precision temperature control, this series is ideal for those bigger gatherings where you want to impress your guests with perfectly smoked dishes.
  • The Timberline Series: With its double-wall stainless steel construction and advanced features like Super Smoke mode, this series is truly a grill master’s dream come true.

Say goodbye to uneven smoke levels and welcome consistently delicious meals with Traeger’s super smoke feature. Keep reading to discover more about these exceptional models and how they can elevate your grilling experience.

Which models of traeger have super smoke?

Timberline Series, Ironwood Series, Silverton 810, and Redland are the Traeger grills that have the Super Smoke feature.

The Super Smoke mode only uses smoke from hardwoods. Newer Traeger grills can have it.

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What is Super Smoke Mode on a Traeger Grill?

Super Smoke mode is a distinctive feature found on Traeger grills that enhances the smoky taste in your dishes. Activating it is easy – simply press the Super Smoke button on your grill controller or use the WiFire app (if available). However, this mode can only be used when the grill’s temperature is set between 165 to 225F.

Once activated, the grill will automatically adjust its temperature and fan speed to produce more smoke. This is particularly useful for slow cooking or during the initial hours of cooking when food is most receptive to absorbing smoky flavors.

Super Smoke mode is available on five Traeger grill models: Timberline, Ironwood, Pro Series 22, Pro Series 34, and Silverton 810. However, it is not an option on the Pro 575, 780, and Silverton 620 models, despite having similar controllers and drivetrains as the Ironwood and Timberline.

This feature was introduced to combat the issue of clean-burning pellets resulting in less smoky flavor. The new Traeger grills with WiFire controllers and D2 drivetrains were expected to have this problem amplified. To address this concern, Traeger added Super Smoke mode for a more intense smoking experience.

It’s important to note that some cheaper grills, such as the Pro 575 and 780, do not have a dedicated smoke setting or Super Smoke mode. This could potentially be a marketing tactic by Traeger to encourage customers to upgrade to more expensive models with these features.

In summary, Super Smoke mode is an exclusive feature found on select Traeger grills that elevates the smoky flavor in your dishes by automatically adjusting temperature and fan speed.

What Traeger Grills Have Super Smoke Mode?

The Traeger grills listed below are equipped with an innovative feature known as Super Smoke mode:

  • Ironwood 650
  • Ironwood 885
  • Timberline 850
  • Timberline 1300
  • Silverton 620
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Model Super Smoke Mode
Ironwood 650 Yes
Ironwood 885 Yes
Timberline 850 Yes
Timberline 1300 Yes
Silverton 620 Yes

For enthusiasts of BBQ, Super Smoke mode on these Traeger grills offers a game-changing feature. It allows for a stronger and richer smoky flavor in your dishes. By automatically adjusting the fan speed and temperature, Super Smoke mode allows for slower pellet burning, resulting in increased smoke production and a more robust flavor profile.

Some users may wonder if Super Smoke mode is just a marketing tactic to convince customers to upgrade to higher-end models. However, numerous Traeger grill owners have reported a noticeable difference in flavor when using Super Smoke mode versus standard smoking settings.

While the above-listed models come equipped with Super Smoke mode, there may be other Traeger grills with this feature that are not mentioned here. For more information, it is best to consult the product specifications or speak with a Traeger representative.

In conclusion, if you are a BBQ enthusiast searching for a Traeger grill with the added feature of Super Smoke mode, consider the Ironwood, Timberline, and Silverton series.

How Does Traeger Super Smoke Mode Work?

Traeger Super Smoke Mode is a one-of-a-kind function exclusive to Traeger grills, which significantly intensifies the smoky flavor of your BBQ dishes during the cooking process. This feature is only available when the grill’s temperature ranges between 165 to 225°F. By automatically regulating the temperature and fan speed, Traeger has mastered the art of producing thin blue smoke, a highly sought-after element for imparting a rich smoky taste to your food.

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But how exactly does Traeger Super Smoke Mode work?

Traeger Super Smoke Mode functions by increasing the amount of smoke generated during cooking. When activated, the grill’s temperature and fan speed are automatically adjusted to produce more smoke than usual. As a result, your BBQ dishes are infused with a more intense and consistent smoky flavor.

To activate Super Smoke Mode on your Traeger grill, ensure that it is set between 165 to 225°F and then hold down the “Super Smoke” button on the control panel for five seconds. Once the LED light turns on, it indicates that Super Smoke Mode is now activated.

While in Super Smoke Mode, the grill continuously monitors and adjusts the temperature and fan speed to maintain a consistent level of smoke production. This ensures that your food is exposed to maximum levels of delicious smokiness.

Super Smoke Mode can be used for both high-heat grilling and low-and-slow smoking, making it a versatile feature for any type of BBQ dish. It is particularly beneficial for meats that require longer cooking times, such as brisket or pork shoulder, as it helps to infuse a deeper smoky flavor into the meat.

Does Super Smoke Mode Make a Difference?

The innovative “Super Smoke Mode” is a game-changer for Traeger grill users.

With selected models, this feature can increase smoke production by a whopping 50%, ensuring a stronger and more genuine smoky flavor in your dishes. However, it’s worth noting that not all models are equipped with this feature, so make sure to check before purchasing.

To get the most out of Super Smoke Mode, be sure to experiment with different settings and cooking times to achieve your desired flavor.

How to Get More Smoke Flavor Without Super Smoke?

Achieving a richer smoke flavor on your Traeger grill without depending solely on the Super Smoke feature can be done in various ways. These methods include utilizing different types of wood pellets, incorporating a smoker box or tray, pre-soaking wood chips, adding smoky ingredients to rubs or marinades, ensuring proper airflow, and extending cooking times.

Method Description
Different types of wood pellets Experimenting with various combinations of wood pellets can yield a more intricate and intense smoky taste. For example, pairing hickory and mesquite pellets can result in a bold and savory flavor.
Smoker box or tray Place a smoker box or tray on your grill and add wood chips or chunks to produce more smoke. This method allows for better control over the amount of smoke generated.
Pre-soaking wood chips Soak wood chips in water for at least 30 minutes before using them to extend the smoldering process and produce more smoke.
Smoky rubs or marinades Incorporate smoky ingredients like smoked paprika or liquid smoke into your rubs or marinades for an extra layer of smokiness.
Proper airflow Clean out any ash buildup and maintain proper ventilation to ensure even distribution of smoke around the food.
Longer cooking times Cooking at lower temperatures for longer periods allows for more exposure to smoke, resulting in a deeper flavor.
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It’s important to keep in mind that while these methods may not achieve the same level of smoke flavor as the Super Smoke feature, they can still enhance the overall taste of your food. It’s recommended to experiment with these techniques and find the best approach for your specific grill and desired level of smokiness.


In conclusion, Traeger’s super smoke feature is a game-changer for those seeking to elevate their grilling experience with intense and consistent smoky flavors.

This revolutionary technology is only available on select models, including the Pro Series 575 and 780, Ironwood Series, and Timberline Series. By automatically adjusting temperature and fan speed, the super smoke mode guarantees a more robust flavor profile in every bite of your food.

While some may dismiss it as a mere marketing tactic, countless Traeger owners have raved about the noticeable difference in taste when using this feature compared to standard smoking settings. However, if your grill model does not have access to this cutting-edge technology, fret not.

There are still ways to enhance the smokiness of your dishes by experimenting with different types of wood pellets or incorporating smoky ingredients into rubs or marinades. Ultimately, Traeger’s super smoke mode is an innovative solution that sets them apart from other grilling brands and ensures a mouth-watering BBQ experience every time.