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Do You Need A Water Tray In A Smoker?

Imagine this: it’s a glorious summer day, the sun is beaming down, and you’ve invited your pals over for a backyard barbecue. You’re pumped to show off your grilling prowess and treat your guests to some delectable smoked meats.

But as the hours tick by and your meat starts to dry out, you realize that one crucial element was missing from your setup – a water tray.

Don’t let this nightmare scenario become your reality. Whether you’re a seasoned pitmaster or new to the world of smoking, having a water tray in your smoker is an absolute must.

So, do you need a water tray in a smoker?

Yes, a water pan can be useful in a smoker. Here are some benefits of using a water pan:

  • Maintains humidity: The water pan creates steam by evaporating water, which keeps the air humid. This helps keep meat moist and tender, and prevents it from drying out.
  • Blocks direct heat: The water pan can act as a buffer between the meat and the heat and flames.
  • Improves flavor: The steam condenses on the meat, which attracts smoke particles and creates a smokier flavor. Water vapor also mixes with combustion gasses to improve the flavor.
  • Regulates temperature: A water pan can help stabilize the smoker’s cooking temperature.
  • Prevents uneven smoking: If you don’t use a water pan, your chicken may smoke unevenly, which will likely have a negative impact on how juicy and crispy it is.

You can use water, beer, apple juice, or cider vinegar in the water pan. Some smokers come with a removable water pan that you can refill with water. If your smoker doesn’t have a water pan, you can use any foil pan.

So, let’s get started.

Water pan vs drip pan: What’s the difference?

When it comes to smokers, the difference between a water pan and a drip pan lies in their purpose. Water pans are primarily used to add moisture and steam to the cooking process, keeping the meat juicy and preventing flare-ups.

Conversely, drip pans are designed to collect any drippings or grease that may fall during smoking.

Water Pan Drip Pan
Used for creating a humid cooking environment by adding steam and moisture Used for catching drippings and grease
Helps maintain meat’s juiciness and prevents flare-ups Captures any run-off from the meat
Can also help stabilize cooking temperatures Protects food from direct heat
Placed above coals in electric smokers, over inactive burners in gas grills, or over charcoal in charcoal grills Positioned under the cooking grates to catch any drippings
Hot water is recommended for use; adding cold water can significantly lower the grill’s temperature. N/A
The placement of the water pan can also impact the amount of smoke flavor infused into the meat. N/A

Overall, both water pans and drip pans play crucial roles in smoking meats. Properly using each pan is essential in achieving optimal results.

While water pans create a humid cooking environment and add moisture, drip pans collect drippings to keep the meat juicy and prevent flare-ups.

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Why use a smoker water pan?

When utilizing a smoker, the addition of a water pan serves various purposes that greatly improve the cooking process and enhance the meat’s overall quality. One primary function of a water pan is to regulate the temperature and moisture levels within the smoker.

By incorporating a water pan, a moist environment is created that helps prevent the meat from drying out, resulting in juicy and tender meat.

Moreover, the water pan acts as a heat sink, absorbing excess heat and providing indirect heat for more even cooking. This is especially crucial when smoking larger cuts of meat, such as brisket, as it prevents the meat from becoming tough and dried out. Additionally, the water pan aids in creating a consistent smoke ring on the meat and adds an extra layer of flavor through steam and smoke molecules.

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While there are debates about the ideal placement of the water pan, it is generally recommended to place it over the hottest part of the smoker or in the middle below the meat. This allows for better distribution of heat and helps maintain a consistent temperature throughout the smoking process.

Aside from regulating temperature and moisture levels, another advantage of using a water pan is the ability to add different liquids for extra flavor. While some opt for apple juice or broth, using just water is recommended for better transfer of flavors into the meat.

Plus, clean up after smoking is made easier with a lined aluminum foil pan that can be discarded along with any solidified fats and remaining liquids.

Where do I put a water pan in my smoker?

When using a vertical smoker, the ideal placement for the water pan is directly above the heat source. This allows for even distribution of heat and moisture throughout the cooking process. However, in a horizontal smoker, the water pan should be placed on the opposite side of the heat source. This placement also allows for consistent heat and moisture distribution while cooking.

Ensuring proper placement of the water pan is crucial for achieving perfectly cooked food. If the water pan is placed too close to the heat source, it can cause uneven cooking and potentially dry out your food. On the other hand, placing it too far away from the heat source can result in insufficient moisture and a less flavorful end product.

So why is a water pan necessary in a smoker? The answer lies in the importance of moisture during the smoking process. As your food cooks, it releases juices which can evaporate and cause your meat to dry out. The water pan helps to maintain a high level of humidity within the smoker, preventing your food from becoming overly dry.

Can you flavor water in a water pan?

Adding flavor to water in a water pan is an essential step in enhancing the taste of smoked meat. By infusing the water with seasonings and liquids such as beer, apple juice, or wine, you can elevate the flavor without overpowering it.

However, it’s important to fill and maintain the water pan correctly and monitor the internal temperature of the meat to achieve optimal results. Letting the meat rest before serving is also crucial for better flavor distribution and presentation.

Using a water pan in smoking has multiple benefits, including regulating temperature and adding moisture to the meat.

To infuse water with flavor in a smoker’s water pan, follow these steps:

  • Choose complementary flavors: Opt for simple and complementary flavors that will not overpower the natural taste of the meat. Popular options include beer, apple juice, or wine.
  • Infuse the water: Add your chosen liquid or seasoning to the water in the pan and mix well. For an extra burst of flavor, add herbs or spices.
  • Fill and maintain the water pan: Ensure that you fill the water pan to the recommended level for your specific smoker. Throughout the cooking process, monitor the water level and refill as needed.
  • Preheat your smoker: Before adding your meat, make sure to preheat your smoker properly to ensure even cooking.
  • Monitor internal temperature: Use a meat thermometer to keep an eye on the internal temperature of your meat and ensure it is cooked correctly.
  • Let your meat rest: After removing your meat from the smoker, let it rest for at least 10-15 minutes before serving. This allows for better flavor distribution and presentation.

When infusing water with flavor in a smoker’s water pan, remember not to go overboard with too many ingredients that may clash with each other.

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Stick to simple flavors and follow proper techniques such as filling and maintaining the water pan, preheating your smoker, and monitoring the internal temperature to achieve perfectly smoked meat.


In summary, the presence of a water tray in your smoker is essential for achieving mouthwatering smoked meats.

While it may seem like a small detail, it can greatly impact the final result. A water tray not only helps to maintain moisture and temperature levels but also imparts flavor through steam and smoke infusion.

However, proper placement of the water tray is crucial, and experimenting with different flavors can elevate the taste of your smoked meats.