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Can I Add Super Smoke To My Traeger?

Are you tired of lackluster BBQ? Do you crave a smoky flavor that will tantalize your taste buds? Look no further, because we have the solution for you – super smoke on your Traeger grill. This game-changing technique will elevate your grilling experience and leave your guests begging for more. But what exactly is super smoke and how can you achieve it on your Traeger grill? Let us break it down for you:

  • Super smoke is a feature exclusive to Traeger grills that produces maximum smoke, resulting in a richer and more intense flavor.
  • With this feature, you can infuse meats, veggies, and even desserts with a deep smoky taste that will leave a lasting impression.
  • The best part? Adding super smoke is a breeze – just follow a few simple steps and let the grill work its magic.

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about incorporating super smoke into your Traeger grilling routine. So get ready to fire up that grill and take your BBQ skills to the next level.

Can i add super smoke to my traeger?

In fact, you can add Super Smoke to Traeger grills that are recent. On the Ironwood, Timberline, Redland, and Silverton Costco models, you can get this function.

For cooking, the Super Smoke mode uses only smoke from hardwoods. In this setting, the grill holds back pellets to make sure they burn evenly.

The Traeger App or the grill’s remote can both tell you if the Super Smoke option is on or off. You can call Traeger’s Customer Support if the Super Smoke sign isn’t showing even though the grill is hot (165° to 225°F).

You can set a Traeger grill anywhere from 160°F to 225°F to get the most smoke. When the temperature is low, pellet users make more smoke.

What Is Super Smoke on a Traeger?

Super Smoke mode is an innovative feature that maximizes the smoky taste in your food while conserving pellets. When activated, it adjusts the temperature and fan speed to create an ideal environment for smoke production. The advantages of using Super Smoke on a Traeger are as follows.

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  • Enriched Smoky Flavor: Super Smoke mode delivers a more intense smoky flavor in your dishes, making it perfect for slow and low cooking. It adds depth and complexity to your meals, creating a reminiscent taste of traditional wood fire cooking.
  • Preserves Pellets: By using a specific temperature and fan speed range, Super Smoke mode allows you to get the most out of your wood pellets. This enables you to relish the rich, smoky flavor without constantly refilling the pellet hopper.
  • Consistent Smoke Production: With Super Smoke, you no longer have to constantly adjust the temperature or add more wood pellets to maintain the desired amount of smoke. The grill takes care of it for you, ensuring consistent smoke production throughout your cooking process.
  • Versatility: Super Smoke mode can be used on various Traeger models, making it a versatile feature for all kinds of grilling and smoking needs. It can also be used with different types of wood pellets to achieve different flavors.
  • Easy to Use: Activating Super Smoke on your Traeger grill is simple and can be done with just the push of a button. This makes it accessible for all levels of barbecue enthusiasts, from beginners to experts.

Super Smoke on a Traeger works by adjusting temperature and fan speed to create an optimal environment for producing intense smoke flavor in your food. It offers several benefits such as enhancing flavor, preserving pellets, providing consistent smoke production, versatility, and ease of use.

Which Traeger Grill Models Have Super Smoke?

The Super Smoke feature can be found on several Traeger grill models, including Ironwood, Timberline, Silverton 810, Pro Series 575, and Pro Series 780.

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This feature elevates the BBQ experience by infusing a strong and consistent smoke flavor, perfect for slow and low cooking. It is also efficient in pellet usage, ensuring optimal smoke production.

Let’s examine each of these models in more detail to see how they utilize Super Smoke.

  • Ironwood: This is Traeger’s mid-range model, available in two sizes: 650 square inches or 885 square inches. It boasts the latest WiFire Controller and D2 Drivetrain technology, making it compatible with Super Smoke mode. The Ironwood also has a rear vent design that evenly distributes the smoke around the food.
  • Timberline: Traeger’s high-end model comes in three sizes: 850 square inches, 1300 square inches, or 2000 square inches. It also features the advanced WiFire Controller and D2 Drivetrain, allowing for Super Smoke mode. The Timberline has a front vent structure that ensures even smoke distribution on all grill levels.
  • Silverton 810: This is Traeger’s largest model with a cooking space of 810 square inches. It also boasts the new WiFire Controller and D2 Drivetrain, making it compatible with Super Smoke mode. Similar to the Ironwood, the Silverton 810 has a rear vent design for consistent smoke distribution.
  • Pro Series 575: Traeger’s entry-level model offers 575 square inches of cooking space. It features the latest WiFire Controller and D2 Drivetrain technology but surprisingly does not have Super Smoke mode. This could be due to its top-mounted smoke stack, which may not produce as much efficient smoke as other models.
  • Pro Series 780: This is Traeger’s larger entry-level model with a cooking space of 780 square inches. It shares the same features as the Pro Series 575, including the top-mounted smoke stack and lack of Super Smoke mode.

Traeger’s Super Smoke mode is available on their mid to high-range models: Ironwood, Timberline, and Silverton 810. However, it is not offered on their entry-level models, Pro Series 575 and 780, which may have less efficient smoke production due to their top-mounted smoke stacks.

How Do I Activate Super Smoke on My Traeger?

To activate the super smoke function on your Traeger grill, follow these simple steps:

  • Begin by turning on your Traeger grill and allowing it to preheat to your desired temperature.
  • Once the grill has reached the desired temperature, shut it off and open the lid.
  • Locate the “super smoke” button on the controller panel and press it.
  • Place your food on the grill and close the lid.
  • The super smoke function will automatically run for a duration of four hours, providing a consistent amount of smoke to your food.
  • If you wish to deactivate the super smoke function before the four-hour mark, simply press the “super smoke” button once again.
  • Enjoy your meal with an added depth of smoky flavor.

Tips for Using Super Smoke on Traeger

  • Select the perfect wood pellets to achieve your desired flavor profile.
  • Position your food closer to the source of smoke and avoid overcrowding the grill.
  • llow your grill to preheat for a minimum of 15 minutes before cooking.
  • Make use of Super Smoke mode for slow and low cooking methods.
  • Get creative with marinades, spice blends, and adding moisture to the grill for an extra burst of flavor.
  • Try out pellet grill tricks, such as using a water pan or smoker tube, for even more smoke production.
  • Be adventurous and experiment with various types of wood pellets, even those that are not Traeger’s own brand.

    By following these invaluable tips and utilizing the Super Smoke function on your Traeger grill, you can take your BBQ game to new heights with a bold and delectable smoky taste.

    What is Traeger’s Smoke Science?

    Traeger’s Smoke Science is a unique and innovative approach to the art of grilling. By utilizing a convection-style cooking method, the grill’s fan circulates heat and smoke, ensuring an even and consistent temperature for perfectly cooked food with a rich smoke flavor. What makes Traeger’s Smoke Science truly special is the use of 100% pure hardwood pellets, free from any fillers or additives.

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    But the magic doesn’t stop there. With Traeger’s Super Smoke mode, the Smoke Science is taken to new heights by creating an even more intense and concentrated smoke flavor. This is achieved by automatically adjusting the temperature and fan speed to produce more smoke at lower temperatures, resulting in a deep and smoky flavor that infuses into every bite.

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    And there’s no end to how far you can take Traeger’s Smoke Science. In addition to utilizing Super Smoke mode, there are other pro tips and tricks that can elevate your grilling game. For instance, experimenting with different wood pellets can add unique and delicious flavors to your food.

    And by following proper grilling techniques, such as preheating your grill correctly and positioning your food strategically, you can further enhance the intensity of the smoke flavor.

    Traeger’s Smoke Science is the perfect combination of convection-style cooking and 100% pure hardwood pellets, creating an even and consistent temperature with a signature smoke flavor.

    Is Super Smoke Worth It?

    This feature sets Traeger apart from other grills and elevates the smoke flavor in your food to new heights. However, it’s important to know how to properly use the Super Smoke feature to achieve the best results.

    First and foremost, it’s worth noting that not all Traeger grills come equipped with the Super Smoke feature. This feature is typically found on higher-end models like the Traeger Pro Series or Timberline models. So if you’re considering purchasing a Traeger solely for Super Smoke capabilities, be sure to check if the model you’re interested in includes this feature.

    Once you have a Traeger grill with Super Smoke, it’s crucial to understand when and how to use it. Super smoke works best for low and slow cooking methods, such as smoking brisket or ribs. It can also be used throughout the cooking process for chicken or fish, but may be too intense for more delicate flavors like vegetables. To activate this feature, simply press the “Super Smoke” button on the controller and only use it at lower temperatures.

    While Super Smoke can certainly enhance the flavor of your food, using too much of it can result in a bitter aftertaste. To avoid this, it’s recommended to only use Super Smoke for the first few hours of cooking and then switch back to regular smoke. Additionally, choosing the right type of wood pellets and utilizing additional smoking methods like pellet tubes or trays can further enhance the flavor profile.

    It’s important to note that there are some potential drawbacks to using Super Smoke, including longer cooking times and an increase in ash and soot buildup in the grill. However, with proper maintenance and cleaning of the grill, these can easily be managed.


    In conclusion, if you’re tired of lackluster BBQ and yearning for a rich and intense smoky flavor, look no further than super smoke on your Traeger grill.

    This game-changing technique is exclusive to Traeger grills and will elevate your grilling experience to new heights. With just the push of a button, you can infuse your meats, veggies, and even desserts with a deep smoky taste that will leave your guests begging for more.

    Not only does super smoke enhance the flavor, but it also conserves pellets and provides consistent smoke production. It’s easy to use and can be achieved on various Traeger models.

    While there may be some potential drawbacks to using super smoke, the end result of perfectly smoked dishes makes it well worth it for any BBQ enthusiast.